Alma Mater By Mrs. Annie B. Staples and Mr. Loyd Baird (Adopted 1962)     O Weston High, O Weston High, the school I love so well.    Fond memories of you pass by, thy merits still I tell.    Here is the place where first I found that I must set my sight,    Above the little things around that hinder higher flight.    Though faces fade and blurred seem,    Thy standards still fly high,  message to the world they beam-    To all the passers-by.    I loyal, faithful, true must be to principles of thine,    And ever, ever look to thee as molder of mankind.    O Weston High, O Weston High, I love to sing of thee.    I Love thy spirit, love thy cause, which thou endowed to me
Motto   Scientia Est Potentia   “Knowledge Is Power”
Teacher Brick