Article I: Association Name and Purpose  Section A: Name  This organization shall be known as the Weston High School Louisiana Alumni Association, hereafter known as the "Association", a non-profit corporation.
Section B: Purpose  The Association’s purposes are as follow: 1. To serve and promote the educational, recreational and athletic interests of Weston High School in the City of Jonesboro, Louisiana. 2. To serve as an educational forum for alumni to maintain contact with the school and one another. 3. To support periodic reunions and other events for alumni and students. 4. Act as beneficiary and guardian of memorabilia/history related to Weston High School. 5. To carry out fund raising and other charitable activities for the benefit of the school, its current students and alumni. 6. To function as the alumni’s official voice in communicating with the school. 7. All other purposes for which an organization may be exempt from federal taxation under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and any amendment thereto
Article II: Articles of Agreement  Section A: Legal Status and Compliance This association is organized for charitable, educational and social purposes, including the making of distributions to organizations under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code). No part of the net earnings of the organization shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, directors, officers, or any private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of Section 501(c)(3) purposes. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on, (a) by an organization exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code) or (b) by an organization contributions to which are deductible under Section 170(c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code). Upon dissolution of this organization assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code), or shall be distributed to the Federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. There shall be no financial relationship between the Association and Weston High School, although the Association may periodically donate funds to the School for various purposes. Section B: By-Laws and Amendments  The conduct of the affairs of the Association, its membership and Board of Directors shall be governed by this set of By-Laws, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with the provisions thereof. All matters and rules for the governance of the Association not specifically covered in the By-Laws, insofar as permitted by law, may be set forth in Association Policies and Procedures as adopted by the majority vote of the Board of Directors. The By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures shall be provided to any member upon their request. Proposed Amendments. The power to make, alter, amend or repeal the By-Laws of the Association shall be vested in the Board of Directors. Regular members in good standing may propose an amendment at any time by submitting it in writing to the President. Approval of Amendments. Association By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors present at a regular meeting.
Article III: Membership  Section A: Classes of Membership  Regular Members – Any person who is a graduate of Weston High School Associate Members – Present members of Weston High School faculty, administrative staff and currently enrolled students Former Student Members – Any person who attended the Weston High School but did not graduate. Former Student Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. Honorary Members – Another person who has rendered notable service to Weston High School as approved by 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. Charter Members - Alumni Member who initially made a $200.00 donation to the association to get the association started. Section B: Other Membership Classifications  The Board of Directors of the Association may establish other membership categories for the purpose of acknowledging contributions made to the Association by individuals or entities.  Section C: Membership Fee  There shall be a one time membership fee established by the Board of Directors. Members are also encouraged to make donations to help fund the activities of the Association. Section D: Benefits and Responsibilities  Each Regular and Associate Member shall be entitled to a vote for members of the Board of Directors. With permission of each member, a membership directory shall be created and may be published on an Association website with the member’s name, mailing address, phone number and/or E-mail address. If any member of the Association uses his/her membership in an unethical way, the Board of Directors shall have the power to take action as it may see fit, including removal of membership privileges. If the Association establishes a logo, it may not be used by any Association member without the approval of the Board of Directors. Section E: Termination of Membership. Any member may resign his or her membership in the Association.
Article IV: Board of Directors Section A: Board Responsibilities The Board of Directors shall be made of members and shall be the principal decision making body of the Association, shall manage the business and property of the Association and shall perform such functions as required to promote the growth, effectiveness and general welfare of the Association. The Board of Directors will provide a list of members to the Association to be nominated for service to the board. These nominations will be approved at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors shall be Regular Members in good standing of   this association.  Section B: Number of Board Members The Association will have no fewer than five (5) or more than twenty (20) board members. Any vacancy on the Board may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board. If, with prior notice of consideration, a board member is determined by a 2/3 vote to be negligent in performance of duties, that member shall be removed from the board. Section C: Term of Service  Each board member will serve for five (5) years. The first board will consist of ten members to begin service on June 12, 2010. One year later five board members will be added and five more the next year. The purpose is to provide staggered terms to insure that experienced board members will be serving at all times. Section D: Officer Election Members of the Board of Directors at their first meeting shall nominate and elected officers to serve for a three (3) year term. Section E: Officers: President The President of the Association shall preside over all business of the Association and shall be the primary spokesperson for the membership of the Association. The President shall exercise general supervision over the Association’s officers and membership and may appoint subcommittees. Vice-President The first Vice-President of the Association shall act in the President’s absence when appropriate or when requested to do so. He will coordinate all services provided to Association members. Other specific duties of the Vice-President are as specified by the President, Alumni By-Law or as assigned by the Board of Directors. Secretary The Secretary shall be the official recording secretary of the Association, shall conduct the general correspondence of the Association, shall have the charge of Association records and papers and shall maintain the Association’s official records, including Association membership records. The Secretary shall process applications for membership. The Secretary is also responsible for filing any documents required by the government to maintain the Association’s legal status as a non-profit corporation. The Secretary shall maintain a current Board of Directors list and shall perform other duties as directed by the President or Board of Directors. Treasurer The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the Association and shall oversee the receipt and disbursement of the monies of the Association, subject to the approval of the President and the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall present an annual financial statement and a proposed annual budget to the Board of Directors and shall provide other financial records as reports as requested. The Treasurer shall not disburse funds without the approval of the President and the Board of Directors. Reporter The Reporter shall notify members and directors of periodic meetings and agenda items. The Reporter shall be in charge of newsletters and correspondence of with members. Historian The Historian shall be responsible for maintaining school history. Section F: Meetings Association Board of Directors are required to meet on at least on an annual basis and more frequently as deemed necessary by majority of the Board members. Board members shall be notified at least 2 weeks prior the meeting. Members may meet in person or in a “virtual” format as approved by the President. Six members of the Board of Directors are considered a quorum for the purposes of voting. Either the President or Vice-President must be present for the quorum to be met. All votes shall be decided by a majority. Section G: Indemnity of Directors and Officers In discharging their duties, the Directors, Officers, and various Committee Members of the Association shall be indemnified by the Association for judgments and fines (whether civil, criminal, administrative or investigative) for any of the above enumerated matters, as well as reasonable expenses for each, including attorney’s fees actually and necessarily incurred as a result of such action or proceeding, if such Director, Officer or Committee Member acted in good faith, for a purpose which he or she reasonably believed to be in the best interests of the Association, but had no reasonable cause to believe that his or her conduct was unlawful.
Article V: Standing Committees Section A: Eligibility to Serve The Association will maintain Standing Committees to conduct the various Association functions. Association members from all membership classifications are eligible to serve on Standing Committees Section B: Chairperson and Members Each Standing Committee chairperson and member either shall be appointed by the President with Board of Directors approval or shall be as defined in the Committee descriptions below. Each Committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members. Additional Committee members shall be determined by each Committee’s chairperson. Finance The Finance Committee chairperson is the Treasurer. Committee duties include development of annual budget, periodic financial reports, recommendations to the President or Board of Directors on fund raising and Association event cost estimates and funding. Student Achievements and Scholarship  The Student Achievements and Scholarship Committee will monitor current student actions and interface with school administration and faculty to develop recommendations for achievement awards and collegiate scholarships. Alumni Registry The Alumni Registry Committee maintains a database of Association members and other alumni including names, addresses, telephone numbers and eMail addresses. The committee is responsible for assuring the database remains confidential and used only for purposes of the Association. Alumni Achievement  The Alumni Achievement Committee monitors the achievements of alumni in the areas of community service, military service and professional accomplishments. The committee prepares periodic reports advising the President and Board of Directors of noteworthy alumni achievements. Alumni Communications The Alumni Communications Committee chairperson is the Reporter. The Committee will maintain an Association website to foster effective communication with Association members of upcoming events, school activities, student and alumni achievements and access to the Alumni Registry. The committee is responsible for preparing information for broadcast or publishing by state and local media. All information requires approval by the President and Board of Directors prior to release. Historical Records and Faculty/Administration Status The Historical Records Committee chairperson is the Historian. The Committee is responsible for assuring school records of historical interest are preserved. These records include items such as Yearbooks, photographs, sports memorabilia, newspaper articles and similar records. The committee shall also monitor status of previous faculty and administrative staff and prepare periodic reports advising the Association of status.  Association By-Laws The Association By-Laws Committee chairperson is the Vice President. The committee is responsible for reviewing Association By-Laws to assure effectiveness and to make amendment recommendations to the President and Board of Directors as required.
Article VI: Fiscal Policy  Section A: Fiscal Year The fiscal year of the Association shall be from June 1 through May 31. Section B: Banking  All incoming funds will be deposited in a general fund account and may be used to pay any or all expenses incurred by the Association. Contributions made for specific activities will be earmarked and accounted for separately in financial reports. Section C: Compensation Officers, Directors and Committee Members shall receive no compensation for their services. Reimbursement for expenses will be made only if the expenditures were contained in the President’s Program Budget Plan and approved by the Board of Directors. Section D: Control Approval by the President and the Board of Directors is required prior to releasing any payment in excess of $5,000.00. Any two authorized Officers shall sign all checks, drafts, loans or other orders for payment of money, notes, and other evidence of indebtedness issued in the name of the Association.  Section E: Contracts All contracts entered into by the Association require Board of Directors approval. The President is authorized to enter into any Board approved contract or execute any instrument in the name of the Association. All contracts shall require the signature of at least one additional member of the Board of Directors.  Section F: Financial Report Within 30 days of the end of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall prepare Financial Statements, which shall include as a minimum a Balance Sheet, Income and Expense Statement, Notes, and proposed Annual Budget. These statements and supporting records shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors and if deemed necessary by the Board the President, reviewed or audited by an independent public accountant. The Board of Directors shall review and approve the Financial Statements. Upon approval by the Board, the President's Financial Review report shall be provided to the Association members either in a newsletter or by website.
Article VII: General Provisions Section A: Procedural Rules For any circumstances not covered by these by-laws, Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised Edition) shall govern. Section B: Dissolution Approval The Board of Directors must approve a motion to dissolve the Association by a three-fourths majority vote and then send the approved motion to the membership for ratification. Dissolution will be approved if three-fourths of the members returning ballots vote in favor of the motion. Implementation Once dissolution has been approved, all liabilities and obligations of the Association will be discharged or adequate provision to discharge them will be made. Any remaining assets will be distributed to any Association or Associations that the Board of Directors determines to be consistent with the Association’s purpose as set in Article 2 above and with applicable provisions of law.